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If you drop a cartridge/tape on the floor, while there can be no visible damage there is the possibility that something is broken inside. Added to that, the impact can cause edge damage to the tape causing more errors on the tape. use the Health check plugin to ensure your tapes are good.

Outstanding tape/library utilities

Outstanding tape/library utilities


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Plugin - Tools

Tape toolsThe Tools plugin consists of some basic drive and tape functionality. This currently includes :-

  • Ejecting a tape
  • Loading a tape (if applicable)
  • Rewinding a tape
  • Diagnostics (Basic inbuilt)
  • Inquiry (Basic details on the drive)
  • Inquiry serial number (Report the serial number of the drive)
  • Mode sense (Dump the mode sense data)
  • Drive support information (Creates a file you can send to us to help support you)


Although these operations seem very simplistic, sometimes it's the simple things that prove to be the hardest to actually do. As an added bonus the Tools plugin is currently FREE with the base copy of Tools'4'Tape.